The New iPhone 3G S – Apple does it again!

So Apple announced their new iPhone 3G S today and it’s killer. Here are a few highlights:

  • The built-in camera on my 3G really sucks. It has no zoom capability and no flash and the light compensation mechanism never seems to work right. So if you are at all serious about photography (and who doesn’t want to take nice pictures?) then you still have to cart around a digital camera. Problem solved: the new iPhone 3G S includes a 3 megapixel camera (the 3G had a 2 MP camera) with auto-focus. And, it’s also got…
  • VIDEO CAPTURE! 30 fps VGA resolution with audio. Not too shabby. This feature alone probably means you’ll want to opt for the 16GB model. The 8GB 3G was workable but tight. If you do any video capture at all you’re going to want lots of RAM.
  • Finally, we get cut, copy and paste so we can move data from one app to another. This is actually an OS feature, not new hardware so iPhone 3G folks like me can take advantage of this when Apple releases the new OS later this Summer.
  • Landscape mode for all apps. This may not sound like a big deal but it’s nice for people (like me) who struggle with the tiny “soft” keyboard because the keys are bigger in landscape mode.
  • Mail search. Yup, you can finally search your email folders, just like you can on gmail.
  • New navigation app with turn-by-turn directions. The 3G is a decent GPS navigator but it lacks spoken directions (“turn left in .2 miles”). With this feature, the 3G S is a full blown navigator. Also, there is a new built-in compass, so you can always tell which in which direction you’re heading.
  • Speed – Apple claims the new device is 2X faster than the 3G.
  • Longer battery life – 30% improvement over the 3G, another pet peeve of mine as my 3G requires a daily recharge.
  • Price – same as the former price for the 3G ($199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB). The 8GB 3G phone is now available for only $99.

In the words of the always insightful Junie B. Jones, “WOWIE WOW WOW!”. The 3G S goes on sale June 19th. Just in time for Father’s Day. :)

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