The English Language is Doomed

While perusing used guitar ads on Craigslist today, I came across the following masterpiece:

this is my first guitar it still works awsome but i have to many so i half to let it go. it is not perfect but it plays it is a great beginer guitar so let me know if you are interested i might be interested in some sort of trade depending on what you got so shoot me a email.

What’s amazing about this advertisement is that it breaks so many rules in just two sentences. I count 13 errors in all. How many did you spot?

Sometimes I wonder if texting, twitter and facebook are making us dumber or if we were already dumb and social media give us new ways to demonstrate it.

3 thoughts on “The English Language is Doomed”

  1. This hurts my eye and my heart. I do think, though, that we’ve had terrible spellers and terrible writers since forever, it’s just that the Internet is now broadcasting it to the masses. Think about it. Had this person gone the old route of selling this guitar, s/he would have bought a little ad in the paper. It would have been maybe three lines, and the newspaper folks would have written it for him/her. Given the opportunity, now, to do it independently, s/he just botches the whole thing.

    I’d say new technology does make people use less punctuation and probably less capital letters. Otherwise, I think we’re probably in the same boat as before. Folks who value good written communication skills tend to seek out other similar folks, so we don’t necessarily mix a lot with people who are terrible writers. Except on Facebook. :-)

  2. Well put, Stacy. I do have the sense that things are getting progressively worse over time but I’ll bet old people like me have been saying that for millennia. :) Thanks for the insightful comment.

  3. Wow! It would be a wonderful world if everyone could be as smart as we are. Fortunately we have many young, not so smart, Americans spilling their blood so we can pick on those less fortunate than we are for their spelling and stuff.
    I completely agree with your assessment of this rube. God help us all.

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