Sweet Deal on an iPhone 4

Radio Shack has an amazing deal for people with older iPhone models that have passed the end of their service contract. If you’re in that category, here’s the deal:  you get $50 off a brand new 16GB iPhone 4 and a trade-in allowance for your old iPhone ($125 for the 3GS and $75 for the 3G).

My contract recently expired so today I traded in my two-year-old 3G and got a brand new iPhone 4 for $75. If you trade in a 3GS your price goes down to $25! It’s a great deal – the same upgrade at an Apple Store or an AT&T Store will run you $200.


  1. You need to be out of contract with AT&T – you can visit this link to see if you are eligible.
  2. The $50 off part expires on December 11 (no word on when the trade-in rebates expire).
  3. Supplies are limited –  I’d suggest calling ahead before making a trip to a store.

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