Song of the Day #85 – Yo La Tengo, Kevin Devine, Neil Young

I first heard today’s song when I was a high school student. All these years later, it still grabs my heart every time I hear it. It’s Neil Young’s classic Don’t Cry No Tears. The version featured below is a live performance in Amsterdam in 2009 by Yo La Tengo, from Hoboken, NJ. I love the laid back feel to the drumming and the harmonies on the bridge – it’s just different enough to be interesting, but it doesn’t mess with the heart of the song, which is that lovely chord progression.

Bonus video: here’s a beautiful cover version of the same song by Kevin Devine. The only thing that bothers me about this otherwise stellar performance is that he sings “don’t cry *your* tears” throughout the song. Kids these days…

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