Song of the Day #84 – Garage Band & Me

It’s taken me almost a year since I bought my iMac but I finally got around to learning how to use Garage Band – wow, what an awesome program! The best part for me is you plug an electric guitar into your Mac and you can generate all sorts of cool guitar effects. To play around with this a bit, I improvised a short song, which you can listen to here:

What you’re hearing is three separate tracks:

  1. a drum track, which is entirely synthesized by the computer
  2. a rhythm guitar track, which is me playing a simple four chord sequence repeatedly
  3. a lead guitar track, which is me improvising, with a fuzzy Seattle-style grunge effect added

I think this is one reason why artists love Macs so much – I was amazed at how easy it was to produce a multi-track recording with special effects and computer generated percussion, using only software that came with my iMac and one real instrument (a cheap electric guitar).

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  1. I think this recording is great! However I pressed the # 1 star and I meant to

    press the #5 star.

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