Song of the Day #70 – Igor Presnyakov

One of the things I love most about Youtube, and the Internet in general, is the way it tends to level the playing field – anyone with a video camera can create and share their art with the rest of the world. And if it’s good, people will watch – today’s artist’s five most popular videos have been viewed, collectively, over 7 million times. You no longer need a contract with a big media company in order to share your music on a grand scale. I think (and I hope) this is leading to a world in which we have the ability to find and enjoy more of the artists we like best and we’re less dependent on major corporations to tell us who we should be listening to.

Igor Presnyakov is a classically trained musician, originally from Russia and now living in the Netherlands, who has recorded some wonderful solo guitar arrangements of popular songs. Enjoy this stunning performance of a beautiful song: Mark Knopfler‘s Brothers in Arms.

Bonus video: here’s Igor’s most popular video: an amazing solo guitar arrangement of Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

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