Song of the Day #67 – My Morning with Guster! (with photos & video)

Kimba and I scored an invitation to see Guster (also see Song of the Day #50) perform live at a local radio station (The Mountain, 103.7) yesterday morning. It was very cool to see them play up close (we sat a few feet from the band) and then to meet and chat with the guys for a few minutes. In addition to being awesome songwriters, musicians and performers, they are very funny, very approachable and genuinely nice guys. A few quick notes for the hard-core fans:

  • They divulged a scheduled (and heretofore unannounced) concert here in Seattle at the Moore in mid-January.
  • I was really sad to see Joe go but the new guy, Luke, is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and fits right in with the rest of the band.
  • If I’m not mistaken, on Amsterdam Brian played drums on a pizza box!

On to the photos and video…

Here I am with musician, environmentalist and all-around good guy, Adam Gardner:

Here I am with the always amusing Ryan Miller. See how friendly Ryan is? He’s waving at you.

Here we are with the Thundergod himself, Brian Rosenworcel. We’re not worthy!

Here’s part of Amsterdam shot by my trusty videographer on her iPhone 4 (sorry it’s a bit shaky and the ending is clipped).

And finally, here’s a link to the entire session from The Mountain’s web site. What a blast!

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #67 – My Morning with Guster! (with photos & video)”

  1. Uh, how are there empty seats? That’s so annoying. It’s like watching the Bills or SU play, with empty seats. Why didn’t someone tell me? I’d have gone. :o)

    Great post Marc. They are awesome guys. We met them the first show we ever went to, with our 4-month-old son in tow. What a great way to begin a longterm love of the band and their music.

    Still a little sour about Joe though. Looking forward to the show in Ithaca!

  2. Hey Sara, nice to hear from you. They held this session on a Monday morning so I think a lot of people had trouble getting away from work but, still, no excuse for those empty chairs.
    They really are a uniquely down-to-earth bunch of guys. Enjoy the Ithaca show (I remember the State Theater from my days at Cornell).

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