Song of the Day #194 – J Mascis

I was born in 1960 and, thus, was too young to fully appreciate that magical decade while it was happening. I was a toddler when JFK was assassinated. I was only superficially aware of the historic fight for civil rights and the protests over the war in Vietnam. I had a pretty good excuse for missing Woodstock. Even as a kid though, you could feel the currents of change. I still remember my teacher wheeling a (color!) TV into my classroom so that we could all watch Neil Armstrong step down on the moon.

Today’s song, Not Enough, by J Mascis has a wonderful vibe that takes me back to those days when anything seemed possible. Though I was only dimly aware of the profound cultural impact of the sixties, one thing was clear to me then, even as an eight year old: Richard Nixon was not to be trusted. Some things are obvious, even to a little kid.

P.S. Seattle friends: J Mascis plays the Tractor Tavern on April 29!

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