Song of the Day #190 – Kelli Schaefer

I’m a recent convert to the charms of Portland, OR based singer/songwriter Kelli Schaefer and so taken with her that today I’m featuring three of her songs. There’s something about the way Kelli performs that pulls you right to the edge of your seat. All three of today’s songs are on Kelli’s record, Ghost of the Beast, which I highly recommend. The first video is a mesmerizing live performance of Gone In Love at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle. The haunting melody, the delicate backing guitar, the vocals and harmonies, and the dark, shadowy lighting all conspire to make this one of my favorite videos in this series.

Here’s Kelli performing Ghost of the Beast in a lovely outdoor setting on Doe Bay in 2010.

Finally, here’s a powerful performance of Better Idea from an intimate show in Vancouver, WA in 2010.

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