Song of the Day #175 – Bon Iver

Yesterday, I featured a song shot in a park in New York and I wrote about how much I enjoyed the “anything goes” style of the production. I’m continuing that theme today, with a video brought to you by another group specializing in spontaneous live music performances. Today’s video is from the French music website and podcast, La Blogotheque. The song is For Emma by Bon Iver, which sounds like a French band but is actually an American indie folk band from Wisconsin.

Three interesting things about this video: 1) it’s done completely a capella and the vocals sound great, 2) it’s very spontaneous (filmed in a foyer in Paris, at one point a dog runs over to the band for some mid-song petting) and 3) there’s a very cool surprise moment, which I won’t spoil, around 2:00 into the video.

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