Song of the Day #143 – Guster

I’m excited today because tomorrow night I get to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Guster, play live (see also Song of the Day #50 and #67). Guster writes and performs some of the catchiest pop songs around. They’re also one of the funniest bands you’ll ever see – always self-deprecatingly aware of their own personal “Spinal Tap” rock star irony. Instrumentally, you get the hardest working drummer in show business, who plays half the set with his bare hands, and a trio of versatile singer/musicians, seamlessly switching between guitar, bass, banjo, keyboards and maybe a few surprise instruments.

Guster just seems to have more fun, and take themselves less seriously, than most other bands and that attitude is infectious. The result is a fun live show you won’t want to end. Here’s Guster playing Bad, Bad World from their new record Easy Wonderful, in a recent appearance on Live From Daryl’s House.

Bonus video: here’s Guster playing a live version of Jesus on the Radio at Easy Street Records in Seattle in 2006.

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