So you want to write an iPhone App (4)

I have to say, Apple really blew it here. They appear to require use of a custom object oriented variant of C for OS X developers only. Why not use C++? It’s technically mature, readily (and freely via GNU) available, widely used, works on nearly every computing platform and is an international standard. I’m sure this is because Objective-C has been around for a long time and is the de facto language for Mac developers but programmers care about the languages they use so this seems like something that will actually inhibit developer excitement. Don’t get me wrong – there are going to be legions of people writing iPhone apps, but it will be in spite of Objective-C, not because of it. Getting down off my soapbox now…

In my next post, I’ll take on a very important question: what should my app do? That may be the most important decision you can make because it influences the complexity, content and usefulness of your app.

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