R.I.P. AmaZoom 2010-2010

Dear Amazon.com,

I can’t say you didn’t warn me. As noted in an earlier blog post, I knew my days were numbered. But it was kind of sad to see my happy little search engine suddenly start spewing completely random results. In fact, here’s what it sounded like if you used AmaZoom the day after you dropped support for review data.

Anyway, it’s your ball – you can take it home whenever you like. But we were kind of in the middle of a game here. I’m sure you had strategic reasons for doing this but it sure makes your API useless for sites like mine, which try to provide a unique product search experience based on review data. I’ve put the below banner on my site to alert wayward visitors that, sadly, AmaZoom is no longer open for business.

Fortunately, my kid’s college fund does not depend on Amazoom (or any of my other hare-brained online initiatives).

(Still) Your friend,


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