Orange You Glad You Don’t Dress Like Me?

My wife once called me a fashion nightmare and I can’t dispute that assessment, however, I think I’ve recently raised (or lowered?) the bar to a new height. I’m on a three week business trip to England and I forgot to pack my nice, business casual coat. It’s a bit chilly so I’m stuck wearing my radiant bright orange windbreaker to work every day. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I bring my lunch to work in little plastic bags I’ve collected from trips to the local supermarket. Those bags are, of course…bright orange.

So every day I tromp off to work in my bright orange jacket carrying my neon orange lunch bag. Without further ado, here’s a picture of me in full regalia. You might want to shade your eyes before viewing this photo…

Too much orange

As you can see, I’m doing my best to show the Brits my uniquely American sense of style. I only hope they don’t deport me before I finish my work here.

2 thoughts on “Orange You Glad You Don’t Dress Like Me?”

  1. As your mother I love you no matter what you
    wear. I actually think that's a unique and jazzy getup. However I can't imagine why you
    haven't purchased appropriate attire for business and warmth. I guess I can't learn
    something from all of your posts. But it's
    nice to hear from you and see your funny looking face.

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