Matthew & Me

Which albums would appear on the soundtrack of your life? One of my top choices would be a pop/rock masterpiece from the 90s, Matthew Sweet‘s Girlfriend, a brilliant collection of songs, from beginning to end.

One of my favorite concert memories was seeing Matthew perform live at a small club in Bruges, Belgium. Fast forward twenty years: Matthew has a new record called Modern Art coming out on September 27 and this morning my wife and I got to enjoy an intimate acoustic performance at a local radio station. Matthew and I have both aged a bit since I last saw him, but his music sounds as good as ever. In addition to promoting the new record, he’ll be playing Girlfriend live, track by track, at a few gigs this Fall in celebration of that record’s twentieth anniversary.

Here’s some video footage I recorded on my iPhone this morning (sorry for the shakes), featuring Matthew and his friend playing “I’ve Been Waiting”:

Thanks to The Mountain 103.7 in Seattle for arranging this event!

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