Introducing RoboDad

Have you ever worked on basic math problems with your kid and noticed a certain fixation with their hands? Kids are smart – they figure out how to hide the fact that they’re counting on their fingers. But that tell-tale delay is a dead giveaway. Here’s how I helped my daughter work through this phase…

I’ve always found that whenever I write something down on paper, it somehow eases the memorization process so I had my daughter write the basic addition facts for the digits 0-9 on a piece of scrap paper. We did this for a few days and then I quizzed her occasionally with some home made flash cards. Not surprisingly, she didn’t relish these flash card sessions so I thought “what’s more fun for kids than computers?” and RoboDad was born.

RoboDad automates the testing process in a gentle and fun way. You can choose the type of test, the number of digits to work with, the number of seconds to allow for an answer and the number of questions. I’ve added support for addition, subtraction, multiplication and music note recognition. At the end of the test you get a detailed summary of the results.

This worked well for my daughter so I’ve made it available on the web here for anyone to use. Feel free to comment below if you have any problems, suggestions or feedback of any kind.

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