I <3 my iPhone

I bought myself an iPhone 3G a few weeks ago and I’m delighted with it. If you think about it, there’s really no fundamentally new technology associated with this device – what’s really great about it is the way in which it combines so many existing technologies into one elegant package. It’s the swiss army knife of cell phones. I use my iPhone as a:

  • mobile phone
  • email client
  • digital camera
  • calculator
  • calendar and contact manager
  • mobile web browser
  • navigation system
  • music player (with video)
  • portable game system
  • stock tracker

and that’s just with the standard apps that come with the phone. With some additional (mostly free) apps, I’ve made my iPhone into a:

  • voice recorder
  • guitar tuner
  • metronome

How cool is it that one small device that fits in my pocket can do all those things? And with the iTunes app store, the sky’s the limit. 

Perhaps the coolest feature isn’t even on the list above because it’s hidden from view: whenever your iPhone 3G is in range of a wifi service, it will automatically try to use wifi, which will give you big performance boost over AT&T’s 3G data network.

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