How many of the world’s ten largest countries can you name?

    I’m currently working in a very diverse organization in England. Every day I get to interact with nice people from India, Turkey, England (of course), France, Ireland, Russia, Serbia, and many other places. Occasionally, I even encounter the odd American (and I do mean odd). Business meetings are a bit like the “It’s a Small World, After All” ride at Disneyland. But spending time in an environment like this makes me realize how little I know about the rest of the world. 
    All my friends from Turkey know the name Barack Obama (who doesn’t?) but how many of my American friends can name the President of Turkey? …crickets chirping… I didn’t know the name either. But not to worry, loyal readers, here at Marc’s Space, where Marc does the work for you, I will reveal that name in a moment but first, I’d like you to take a little quiz…
    Go grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down what you would guess to be the names of the world’s ten largest countries (by population). If you know any of the leaders’ names, jot those down too. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
    OK, I see you’re not moving yet. Take your time and come back to this site tomorrow when I will reveal the top ten list along with the populations and leaders’ names and you can see how many you got right. Oh, by the way, the current President of Turkey is Abdullah Gul. You can read all about him here:ül.

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