Go West, Young Dog!

Meiko Cohen

My dog, Meiko, is directionally challenged. By that I mean he refuses to run in a particular direction. You’re probably wondering how I know this – allow me to explain. I live near a lovely paved trail where Meiko and I like to run together. We normally start our journey in an easterly direction, which is when the trouble begins. Meiko likes to stop and smell the roses…and the flowers, the trees, various unmentionables and everything else in his path. I know this is not unusual behavior for dogs but here’s the weird part: once we eventually reach our turnaround point, he suddenly turns into an Olympic sprinter for the entire return trip.

I know what you’re thinking – he wants to go home. That’s what I thought too so I set out to test that theory by starting my run in the opposite, westerly, direction. Amazingly enough, on this route he sprints as fast and as far from home as I’ll let him go, then we turn around, at which point he needs to sniff literally every passing blade of grass.

There seems to be only one logical conclusion: like most Seattleites, my dog leans to the left.

2 thoughts on “Go West, Young Dog!”

  1. My dog leans to the left too, but he still manages to wet his own feet. Sometimes i wish evolution was more purposeful.

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