Don’t Forget To Write!

I started this blog on December 29, 2008, so I just passed my one year anniversary. It was started as a lark – I really expected it to be one of those projects I get excited about and then never finish (when the going gets tough…I usually lose interest). But I’ve managed to keep writing for a whole year.

I’ve written 38 articles so far, which amounts to roughly one article every 10 days. I have one loyal reader (hi Mom!) and several kind souls have claimed to enjoy one or two of my modest creations. Google’s adsense service tells me I’ve had almost 4,000 page hits over the past year (3,936 to be exact). If you google “Marc’s Space” (admittedly, an obscure search :)), I’m the number one hit returned.

Those results are a lot better than I expected when I started this site but I’m not about to quit my day job. I know I’m not, and never will be, a real writer. But even if I had zero page hits, I think I would keep doing this. Here’s why…

  1. Writing is good for your brain. It forces you to organize your thoughts into a coherent statement, and requires you to exercise reflection, introspection, planning, logic and analysis.
  2. Writing helps maintain and improve your vocabulary and spelling.
  3. Writing is an important life skill. Being able to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas in email is critical for success in the business and professional worlds.
  4. Writing is therapeutic. Have you ever had this experience: you’re mad about something and you write an angry letter but by the time you’re done with the letter you no longer feel the need to send it? That’s because the process of writing has a way of helping us sort out our thoughts and deal with raw emotions.
  5. Probably most importantly: it’s not about being a great writer. It’s about being the best writer that you can be. And practice is the only way to get there.

Many of us stop writing after our school days. The ghosts of arduous term papers haunt us at the thought of writing anything longer than a typical facebook update. And that’s unfortunate, because writing can really be fun and relaxing and good for you.

When I started this site, I pondered a modern variation on that old “if a tree falls in the woods…” question: if I write a blog and no one reads it, will it have an impact? One year later, my answer is emphatically yes – the impact is on me. I’ve enjoyed writing it and I feel like the “writing part of my brain” is getting good exercise these days. And I get a great feeling every time I finish an article. If it entertains or informs anyone else, that makes me extra happy.

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